Scared to run/Painless success

Ok so I'm doing a 2 part running post. I'm writing this now before I go out for my first run in 12 days. I've been resting a few wonky body parts that felt like they needed a break. I'm going out today (it's beautiful in Central Florida!) with no expectations but to enjoy a nice pain free run. :0) ...and possibly do it with speed..

I have named some of my injuries, as kbrunsdisney.blogspot.com/ does, to help me not hate them as much. I love that she has Disney names for her pains. I feel like it will help me not hate being injured as much so I'm doing it:

pain in my right foot is - drum roll pleeuzz - "Facilier" (The dude from The Princess and the Frog.)

left ITBS knee is "Pinnochio" (self explanatory)

I hope the 2 of them can cooperate with the rest of my body and we can all just go for a nice run.


I'm so happy I just ran 2.5 miles and had hardly any pain! I felt like I was working out a few kinks because I hadn't been out in so long but overall it was great! What a perfect day for a run. This day has God's hands all over it-crystal blue sky, sun shining, light cool breeze. When I got back in I did this post run yoga routine:


It's supposed to help with ITBS and increase your range of motion. I'm going to try to do it regularly :0)


Reflection points
-I have found "new ways to run." I never used to pick up my knees in my stride. I always just kinda trudged along but right before the Princess half I started really stretching my legs and trying different things. Maybe this little break was a good thing and now I can come back fresh and reboot (and make faster) my running gait.

-I couldn't have taken a break and come back like this without my runner bloggy friends! I just adore all the bloggers I follow and want to thank you all for sharing your running ups, downs, and cute running fashion with me. haha.

-Looking forward to trying one of these running skirts out! I'm hoping the budget will allow for me to order one over the next few weeks. <3 They are so adorable.

I feel like running is the closest a person gets to flying. As Peter Pan said "you can fly, you can fly, you can fly!"

Now that I'm back to running :) I'd like to catch up on other posts soon. Look fwd to my "Anything Goes" recap of the show I choreographed. It was this past weekend and it was a hit!


  1. Yay for the run! So excited for you to try a running skirt. You'll never go back!

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