Runners lament

**SIGH** So when I have to begin my post with a huge sigh you know it's not going to be exciting. :/ My Princess half recovery was fantastic. Only tight soreness on the achilles and lower calves. Manageable.

I have obviously been a running fan but since the race I have been OBSESSED! I was sad the race was over and started researching upcoming races to cheer me up. Disneyland half anyone? Or possibly a Rock N Roll halfie? Still looking and deciding. Chrissy, my awesome, NY, runner cousin, told me in an email this morning that today was the last day to apply for the NY marathon lottery. So0o I decided to put my name in. Might as well now that I've got the bug..

So back to the lamenting - The half was on Sunday. Thursday rolls around and I decide I'm feeling good enough to start up again. After carrying all my gadgets (camera, iPod, nutritional supplement) during the race I decided I wanted to run free of stuff. So i head out to my regular spot for a 6 miler. I did the first 2 at a nice stride. Much faster than I normally do (I could tell by my breathing) but I'm not sure exactly how fast because I wasn't tracking. Great run. Made me feel ready to start going for nice PRs.

Afterwards I was in a SUPER hot shower when the fire alarm went off from my steam. I tiptoed out sopping wet, towel half draped over me, shower still running, to fan the bad boy off and open some doors for circulation. I nearly slipped trying to walk on the tile soaked. Fixed the prob and got back in the shower.

Ok sorry for the excessive detail but the point is - somewhere in that activity I got injured! I was walking around barefoot after and started getting sharp pains in the bottom of my foot. (The outside, in the middle but closer to the heel.) I could feel it was inflamed and it hurt every time I was midstep. Wah. I was so excited to start taking my running to the next level and BOOM, a set back.

I researched runner foot injuries and found stuff like plantar fasciitis and stress fractures. Now I know self diagnosis usually ends up in paranoia - lol - but I feel like its different for runners. It's easier for us to try and figure these things out because we get a lot of the same problems. I found out my knee pain was ITBS from runner's world and am now able to manage it. But this foot thing is a toughie because it doesn't follow the pattern of anything common that I came across.

It feels better when walking in sneakers. The cushion takes the pressure away. I really think it may be a nerve thing because I'm not feeling the pain from pressure as much today. Now I get the feeling a needle in the same spot, it tingles and then my leg shakes a little. I've been icing this puppy and elevating so hopefully it heals itself. I'm just going to take it easy for a few more days and if it doesn't get better...doctor it is.

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