quick pic

Post run pic.
I felt so cute running today! My feelings were confirmed when a random guy in a minivan stretched so far across the passenger side he could have been inspector gadget to yell "HEY YOU'RE LOOKING GOOOOD!" Thanks for the confidence boost random creepy guy! I got 4 miles in and feel like a rockstar! I went all *Tonia* and wore some high socks. haha. The socks aren't as cute as hers tho! I've done it in dance b4 and felt sassy and it works for running as well. Kind of makes me feel like Holly from the Girls Next Door. That show is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Anywho I've got to shower and get ready for an Education workshop I'm going to this afternoon. Then there's an audition for some America's Next Great Star show at UCF tonight. A few of my good friends are in the final round. Exciting but just another day in the life when you're pursuing the entertainment field. :0) I love my life!



  1. Watch out for those creeps in vans. You do look cute though!

  2. You went all Tonia ... classic! That's a big part of me wearing the socks. I feel super cute! Way to rock it girly!

  3. You are right...I may just have to pick up wearing tall socks to...I LOVE (loved) the Girls Next Door with Holly, Kendra and Bridget! You sooo looked like Holly!:)

  4. I would love to follow and motivate each other with our goal of 500 miles this year. Looks like we are almost right at the same spot... It would be fun to have a bloggy friend to help keep me motivated! Thanks for following!