Disney Princess Half Marathon 2010 {:-D

My goodness there is so much to say about my first half marathon. I didn't know where to start so I let my favorite picture from the race inspire me..

This pic was taken by yours truly during the race between mile 5 & 6 while running through the castle. These little dudes with the trumpets (you can barely see them there on the second level) were playing as my cousin and I ran through Cinderella's castle wooing and yipping. Definitely one of the high points of the run. Possibly one of my all time favorite pictures <3

Now back to the beginning..

Here is Chrissy & I on the bus from our hotel to Epcot to start the race around 4:45 am.

This is Jamie from runningdivamom.blogspot.com! I trained by myself and don't have runner friends so it was lots of fun keeping up with her blog from across the country while anticipating the race. A few of us bloggers were supposed to meet at a designated place & time but due to crazy amounts of people and a never-ending bus line I wasn't able to make it in time. I said to Chrissy, my cousin, "let me know if you see a runner with a leopard headband and skirt" but I knew out of 13,000 people I probably wouldn't see her. My cousin and I had to check my bag and take the oh-so-glamorous port-o-potty break. While we were waiting in the potty line I spotted her! I said "Oh my gosh that's her!" I went over and said "Are you Jamie?!" and gave her a big hug when she confirmed. That really made my morning because I felt so bad about not making it to the meeting spot and didn't want her to think I stood her up! Anyway we got to chat on the way to our corrals and then....

(PS!--shout out to runzoerun.com and kbrunsdisney.blogspot.com for all their posts too. All of your experiences helped me be a better runner and do my first half marathon!)

...the suspense builds! Chrissy and I did some stretching in the FREEZING weather! But the walk from the pre-race area to the starting line was pretty long so that was a nice warm-up. The fairy godmother was there talking to us all before the race as we waited in our corrals. Cute!

^These lil feet had no clue what they were in for!^

The other waves went & then..WE'RE OFF! Chrissy took this picture of me during the awkward time period when your waiting to get across the start line.

^ I just loved the cute little story book setups they had at every mile. There were a lot of characters along the race which I thought were fun to look at but I wasn't about to stop and take pics. I really just wanted to focus on the race. I made the goal of running the first five miles without stopping. I figured that would get me in the Magic Kingdom and then I would walk a mile in there and enjoy the sites but no- I actually had the endurance to run the first 8 miles with my cousin!

Chrissy heading in to MK!

I adore these mid-race pics haha

Chrissy in Tomorrow land.

Me running toward the castle. :-D LOVE this picture so mucho.

Overall I am so glad to have accomplished my first 13.1 :) The last few miles were rough because so many people were on the sidelines cheering and I really wished my mom or dad were there cheering. If my dad was still alive I know he would have been there to spend this weekend with Chrissy and I. Heck! He probably would have run it because he was that amazing of a dad! When I was running in Epcot I got choked up and had to tell myself-- Self! You can't run if you can't breathe! Lol Stop crying!

Chrissy and I had a BLAST parkhopping all weekend. I love her dearly and was so happy to experience my first BIG race with her!

I recovered fairly quickly after hobbling around the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood studios and Epcot on Sunday. My achilles and that whole area was super sore but better by Thursday when I went out for a 6 miler. Since that run though my foot/ankleish area has been bothering me

There's something about the magic of running and Disney that formulates a fabulous combo.

I am addicted to 13.1 and can't wait for my next!


  1. Congrats on a great race! I was supposed to meet you all too, but it was a zoo there! I love the pictures. I wish I hadn't been so PR driven and stopped to take a few!

  2. Congratulations! You recap totally brought me back to last year and I feel like I got to run it all over again. It also was the push I needed to finally register for Goofy 2011! You should do it!
    Take care of your ankle. Running injuries suck. Especially when you've been bitten by the runner bug. ;)

  3. Congrats on your first half marathon and rocking it in style1 I can't wait to hear about all of your races to come and all of the accomplishments that go with it. It was such a pleasure to finally meet your cute little face. Something in the mail for you -- hope it reaches you soon. HUGS from Wisconsin!!

  4. Yay something in the mail! Makes me feel like a kid :-) I just addressed your little something. It will be on its way tomorrow. Don't get too excited. It's little but meaningful. tehe.