3 things Thursday

After reading Racing With Babes 3 things Thursday post (I linked her in the title of this post) I decided to do my own :0)

3 things

1. Tonight is opening night of Anything Goes, the show I choreographed at a local high school. The students are so amazing and the choreography is dang good too ;-). I have learned SO much from working with this director. She inspires me to be a better artistic leader. This opportunity was absolutely a God given blessing.

2. Speaking of God - I REALLY want to start working on bettering our relationship. I read the Bible first thing yesterday morning and would like to start making it a habit. I've been praying for a lot of my friends lately who are going through troubled times. I ask for your prayers so that I will be healed and can start running again. I miss it!

3. I've been having fun researching my next race. Okay I'm doing a 5k back home next weekend (if footy allows) but I'm talking about a REAL race. Like a Rock n Roll race! My cousin Chrissy and I are brainstorming still..

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! <3

PS- This giveaway thing seems pretty fun so I'm thinking about doing one soon...


  1. I know how you feel. I'm heading to the doc tomorrow for the results of my mri. Don't worry, you'll be back to 100% soon enough :).

  2. Take care of that foot!
    Thanks for stopping by and boarding my 30-day train/ark/whateveryouwannacallit.
    I'd suggest the R&R 1/2 in Chicago but I'm biased of course. Good luck with your 5k!

  3. Thanks for the blog love :) You weren't my 25th, but you were my 26th...on the same day, so that makes you my 'Honorary 25th' follower!! YAY!!! :) So technically my last post was dedicated to you! :P
    Take care of your foot! Good luck on the 5k and you SHOULD do a give away! (I'll enter...though I never win..but you should still do it lol)