yepp I'm skipping class today. I feel really overwhelmed with work this week and I have a big day tomorrow. I'm teaching Junior Achievement to a 2nd grade class. It's my first of 5 lessons. It's a requirement for an education class of mine and I teach about community and stuff. The lessons are really complicated though so I'll be roughing it.

So anywho I just did not feel like going to class this morning. Partly because my womanly friend is giving me cramps and a headache. :-/ Sorry for the over share but it was relevant. I must get up soon and do something productive. So many high point assignments due this week!

I need a colorful picure to make me happy..

that's better.

So I've managed to catch all the fantastic Olympic moments so far. Including the gorgeous Apolo scoring Silver ;) I was really glad the Chinese got such an amazing score on the couples figure skating short program. It was a really moving performance. <3 The Olympics inspire me soo much. With all that has changed, and gone wrong and happened in the world-people still come together every 2 years to compete physically and mentally and to be the best in the world at something, The dedication these people have is really unbelievable and should push us all to be better at whatever it is we do. :-)

Guess I better go do something.. :-/ I really just want it to be Spring Break already-17 days!!!

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