My running story

This is one I've been wanting to relive for a while. After seeing other runners stats on their blogs I wondered what mine were and realized I should keep them to track my achievement and growth. Thanks runningdivamom.blogspot.com for inspiring me to finally get my stuff together!

I ran by choice during gym in high school when we had free days and liked it. We had to run before cheerleading and I looked up to another cheerleader who ran a lot. I asked her how she ran long distances. I told her I got tired and my legs started to hurt. She said something that stuck with me- you have to just keep going and you get used to it.

It all got serious after I graduated circa 2007 when I noticed running was a big celebrity trend in staying fit. (Thanks Jessica Simpson!) It helped me get in shape and reach my peak of ballet dancing at my junior college when I would run a mile the night before class or in the a.m. before class. It was a great accomplishment when I would run around my block 3 times which was just about a mile. Especially when I started doing 9:30s. I dabbled in running mostly doing a mile or 2. The Nike+ iPod system really got me going.

When my NYC marathon running cousin got word of me running she asked me to do a race with her! My first race was:

July 13, 2008. Naples-New York Park to Park 10k.
Location - Central Park,NYC.
Miles - 6.2
Time - 1:18:07

Me after my first race - I did it!

This race was in Central Park in NYC but had a sister race in Naples, Italy. Some runners had run both! So neat. I had been minimally training but had no clue about this whole organized running thing. So I ran the first mile with my cousin and then we split when she continued at a nice pace and I needed to walk and gasp. Around mile 3 I texted her and said I was just going to quit when she finished because I was about to die. haha. Ok so I was being dramatic and i ended up finishing with an ok time for my first 10k of -- 1:18:07. Not too shabby.

December 13, 2008. Holiday 4 Mile run.
Location - Central Park,NYC.
Miles - 4
Time - 45:11

Chrissy and I at the airport after the race. I left right after.

My next race was another one in Central Park with my cousin Chrissy. It would have been grand if this shorter distance were my first. However I had one race under my belt and a shorter distance to accomplish. The NYC races are so cool. There's always a jillion people and the bustle of the city is still going on. This was a COLD Winter day though. Brr! Not what I was used to in FL but I did ok on time I guess.

September 26, 2009. Expedition Everest Challenge.
Location - Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Orlando, Fl.
Miles - 3.1
Time - 36ish

Nick & I at the post race party.

My cousin asked me if there were running groups in FL. I was home researching to try and find races in my area and--I hit the mother load. I some how came across the Disney Endurance Series runs and it was all over from there. Being a native Floridian, Disney has been a frequent vacation spot and holds a dear spot in my heart. <3 To put it more clearly--Im OBSESSED with Disney world! Lol. Combine running, Disney, and then when I'm done, scrapbooking and it is a dream combination for me. So I signed up for the Expedition Everest race and because it was a team race I convinced a good friend to come down from NY and do it with me. This race had an obstacle course and scavenger hunt through Animal Kingdom after the 5k around and through the park. Because of insurance purposes they had to have a large amount of time between each corral's start time. We signed up late and were in the 13th corral so we had to wait over an hour to start! Mind you it's only a measly 5k so I was annoyed. My legs were tired from standing when we finally got to start. Anyhoo I shrugged it off and started running on the grass around all the walkers :-/ I hate starting races that way. Then, about a quarter of a mile in, it starts POURING RAINING. It was like a ginormous bucket was hovering the course pouring down. BUT I continued to run. My partner, a 6'2 guy with legs for days, ran ahead at a faster pace. The course had a lot of small hills and at the bottom of the hills there would be puddles up to my shins frequently. Nevertheless I kept running, or swimming it felt at some points. I knew my goal of less than 30 minutes was being washed away but was happy to finish in around :36. The obstacle course was fun and the scavenger hunt was a little hard! There would be volunteers by the clues who would just shout the answer out. So anyway we finished all the work and then got to play. The post race party was cool and had short waits. (Yay) Drenched and blistered from soaked shoes we had a great time. This race even came with a free ticket to Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, or Epcot. Score! The next day we went to Hollywood Studios and wore our shirts and medals. The medal was a cool compass. Many people around the park sported race gear and we stopped and chatted about the race frequently which was really cool. Wow, for a short race this is a long commentary.

October 24, 2009. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 13k
Location - Hollywood Studios Theme Park, Orlando, Fl.
Miles - 8
Time - 1:37:41

You can see me running on the right! My mom took this pic around mile 6.5 ish.

Well on this next one I got adventurous; I did my farthest distance and I did it all by myself. My mom came to watch as cruised this murder mystery course. Our bibs had names of characters around the outside that were printed upside down. This was so we could pick up clues every mile and poke the hole out on the bib next to that person. The person left was guilty of the crime. The whole thing was really cute and the pre-reace set up had actors walking around and fun stuff going on on stage. They had tattoos that I had seen online from the year before and couldn't wait to wear! The course was fun except when running down an exit ramp I started to feel pain on the outside of my left knee. :-( It continued through out the race and I later diagnosed myself with "itbs." I faught through the pain and crossed the finished line with pep. I grabbed as much food and water as I could and met my mom in the spot we designated. This race had a fabulous after party as well but my mom wanted to leave! We got into a huge fight and left lol. I had been looking forward to that after party for months, grrrr. Overall it was a lot of fun and a great accomplishment. I was 2073 out of 3247. My goal time was 96 minutes. SO CLOSE! That always seems to happen to me as you'll see as you read on..

March 7, 2010. Disney Princess Half Marathon.
Location - Magic Kingdom and Epcot theme parks.
Miles - 13.1
Time - 2:36:17
5K Split 35:46
10K Split 1:10:50
15K Split 1:48:34
Overall Place - 5158 / 10902
Division Place - 676 / 1218

Running down mainstreet toward the castle. BLISS!

Ok so my goal for this was 2:33. Missed it by just a few minutes but was totally happy. I also made the goal of running the first 5 miles. I ran the first 8!!! My cousin Chrissy came down to do my first half marathon with me. We stuck together the first 8 miles running past lots of fun entertainment and then through the Magic Kingdom and even Cinderella's castle. How magical. :-) I couldn't believe I ran a straight 13k! Go me! It had to be the adrenaline and the fans cheering on the side. I loved them and the cowbells! It reminded me of the luge. haha. I'm not going too in detail because I'm going to dedicate a whole post to this race but it was truly magical and I feel like a real true runner now. I had been looking forward to this race for so long and faced great disappointment when it was over...so I started researching the Disneyland half in September! Will that be my next...?


  1. Congratulations woman! I know how you feel about post race depression. You should totally do Disneyland or the Wine and Dine!

  2. Thanks! Yea I've been lookin at the Disneyland. If that doesn't go through then it will deff be the Wine and Dine bc that badboy is around the corner. R u thinking about doing either?