For the love of running

So is there something about hitting the 10 mile mark that gets one ultimately infatuated with running? I feel like I can actually call myself a real long distance runner after running 10 miles for the first time yesterday! My acetabulum (hip joint) was a bit sore last night and of course the knees were a little stiff but nothing that didn't ware off after a little ice and rest. All this training for the Disney Princess Half has me excited for more races too. I think I may actually want to do a full marathon someday--maybe someday soon..

While reading through my Runner's world mag today (can we say-junkie?) I saw an ad for the Athen's Marathon. I could hardly fathom what I was reading- a marathon on THE original marathon course. The course that Pheidippides originally ran from Marathon to Athens in 490 B.C. when he delivered the message "Niki!", or "victory!", to the Greeks to let them know of the victory over the Persians in a battle! After his verbal explanation he collapsed and died. Apparently he did not train well for this twenty something mile run. But what he did do is run a distance that would be admired and worked toward for millenniums to come. Yes millenniums! This year marks the 2500th anniversary of THE run that started running.

Being a history nerd who loves to travel--and of course a running enthusiast--this destination race is going on my bucket list. Maybe even on my "to do before I'm 25" list....


12 days until the big Princess weekend!


  1. Thanks Jamie! I'm really starting to feel ready!

  2. Wow what an achievement……10miles! I can’t even imagine what it feels like to runt that far. I can walk 10 miles if that counts for anything ;o). The race you’re talking about sounds awesome! You should add it to your list. Do you watch Amazing Race (one of my fav shows)? There is a lady competing that’s 71 years old and run marathons or was is triathlons, she does one of those. It’s pretty inspiring.

    Anyhoo I don’t think we have an Old Time Pottery. Sounds like heaven on earth! You had me at home décor and cheap. Let me know if you post pictures of your purchase I would love to see what you bought.

    Happy Thursday to ya!
    Kendra “Domestic Princess in Training”

  3. So I'm kinda new at this blog thing--what do you mean add it to my list?

  4. 10 miles is awesome! I agree about feeling like a real runner now, but I'd say that you became a runner the moment you submitted your entry. :)