feeling more and more like a princess

I feel like these new shoes Bobby got me for my birthday are really helping me achieve my best. They are the Nike Equalon 3. After the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 13k in October I totally had some sort of injury. Perhaps from lack of training or maybe the fact that my shoes were 2 sizes too small! I had never been to a running store and boy was I missing out. Even though these shoes were PrIcEy (!) they have been worth every penny because of what I have been able to achieve thus far. I'm rrreally looking forward to running 8 miles tomorrow. It will only be the second time I have run that far. I'm thinking about going over to the Disney resort area and hitting the trails over there. I know they're are quite a few and it would really inspire me. Then maybe I can go to Downtown Disney for lunch-hehe 8:-) After the Tower of Terror 8 miles I was decrepit...now that my shoes, training and nutrition have changed I'm hoping for a speedy recovery after tomorrow.

Peace,Love,and good runs!


  1. Good shoes are a good thing! You're gonna do great! I wish i could just hop on over to Disney whenever I wanted!! instead, we have to take a days-worth of flight and a bus just to get down there. :-)

  2. Have a great weekend and happy running! Proper shoes are so key in a successful training regimen...and you are going to rock the Princess Half!

  3. RDM- I really value having Disney so close. Its' totally my favorite place! And you will be here before you know it! {:-)

    Thanks Zoe! Your funny run totally cracked me up and inspired me the other day! haha.

    The shoes were great and I feel awesome today!