8 mile training fun run

I had a great run yesterday. I drove to Downtown Disney and then took a WDW transportation bus to the Grand Floridian. (I found these pics on the net. They are of the hotel and what it looks like running from the Polynesian towards the Grand Floridian.)

{Wow how beautiful is that hotel!} Then I started my run. There is a jogging trail from the Grand Floridian to its' neighbor resort, the Polynesian. {Just as beautiful but in a tropical manner}

I took this picture when I stayed there with my family this summer

I found this pic on the net of the running trail.

Had to include this from our summer trip. My nephews Clayton and Casper loved the ducks in the pool. They didn't want to go to Animal Kingdom because they wanted to play with the ducks! haha.

From one resort to the other is a beautiful view including running past Cinderella chapel, next to the Seven Seas Lagoon, across the water is the Contemporary resort, and just off in the distance Space Mountain is seen along with the tippy top of Splash mountain and Thunder mountain. Of course the best thing in sight is Cinderellas' castle. =) I then ran all around the Polynesian to get some more mileage. I had to run all around the 2 resorts and back and forth between them a few times to get my 8 miles in. It was so worth it. There are so many waterfalls and fountains, pools and beaches, and beautiful views on this run. In fact I was so engaged in my surroundings that I reached a large mile stone in my running career. My big goal for the Princess half was to run the first four miles consecutively. I did that yesterday without even trying! :-D There was so much to look at that I was distracted by the magic. It was not my PR - I've only run 8 miles one other time - but it was a really enjoyable, relaxing run.

When I was done I laid on the hammock on the Polynesian beach for a bit. It was FREEZING! [Like in the 40s] but I was all warmed up from my run so it felt great. There was a show going on at the Magic Kingdom and I could hear it off in the distance.

Next I returned to my car at DTD, after meeting a really nice girl at the bus stop that works at the Haunted Mansion, and headed over to the T-Rex restaurant. I sat at the bar...

this was my view:

so pretty. I enjoyed a yummy fruity drink and a big steak and potatoes. My running tracker told me I burned over 1000 calories on my run and I was feeling starved!

I was almost eaten by a T-Rex during the meteor shower there about every 20 minutes-

-but luckily I survived. Then I enjoyed the worlds' largest Disney store and bought myself a new princess pen and a Dumbo and Jiminy Cricket mug. I also got 2 post cards to send out to my mom and cousin Chrissy. I definitely overspent yesterday but oh well. I hardly spend money on myself and I would have spent that money anyway if I had a Valentine. So I'm my Valentine and I spent it on me-justified.

Looking SOOOO forward to the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Less than 3 weeks away till tiara wearing bliss!


  1. You have me so excited about our trip to WDW!! How awesome that you can just go and run there like that. Sounds nice. We were thinking of taking the kids to the TRex cafe this time. It sounds like you enjoyed it? See you in a few weeks!! YOU ARE READY!!!! YOU ARE GONNA DO IT!!

  2. I'm glad you're excited! I am too!! T-Rex is a must for the kids. It's a lot like Rainforest cafe but with dinos and twice as cool. :-) I'm so ready for the race! Woohoo! My cousin is coming down from NY to run it with me and we booked our stay at the All-Star Sports resort (going with the theme of the weekend.) We're going to park hop Saturday and then Sunday after the race (and after some pool time to recover I'm sure. haha) I'm looking forward to these next few weeks of training. I can't believe you ran a whole half on the treadmill! Go girl! The farthest I've ever run is 8 miles so this half will be a biggy for me! You are DEFINITELY ready!