..to the generation twenty something

"It*s your moment, it*s your decade, but you're only twenty something till your not"

Ok so I*m OBSESSED with this amazing song that talks about how fabulous it is to be *twenty something*. *Sigh* -- makes me feel amazing! Let me explain..

I can*t believe I've been up for over 24 hours! Woot! What a day...what an understatement...so I got up at 5:33 Saturday morning to get ready for a 6:30 a.m. call time at Timber Creek high school. The final destination? Dr. Philips magnet performing arts high school. More specifically right next door to Hogwarts castle..ok not THE Hogwarts but the one us muggles are really looking forward to exploring quite soon at Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park here in Orlando, Fl. I had the best view I've seen of this castle from the DPHS parking lot and the Dr. Philips campus was bustling with even more magic as hundreds of anxious high school theatre lovers scurried from one performance to the next. This event was none other than the 2010 District 5 Thespian competition. :0) Students competed against peers from 30 other schools in their district with fierce singing, acting, dancing, pantomiming and more. This was one of the most fantastic events I've ever been to. I was in attendance with TCHS, or far better known in this setting as troupe 6303, as a chaperone and to view a piece I choreographed for them for this event. My work was "Not Yet Dead" from Monty Python's Spamalot which competed in the boys large group division, meaning more than 7 people. I loved this piece but my FaVoRiTe was their small musical theatre group entry, the song, "Twenty Something." [Note: I plan on using this for auditions quite frequently so..don't jack it.] This inspirational, musical masterpiece is written and composed by 2 newbies who I presume will be vets many years from now....

fading--fast--must--sleep--will finish in the morning! Err..MY morning...


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