Quite the challenge

Here is a picture of my belt/scarf rack. I have decided to take on the task of going through my wardrobe! Looking forward to getting everything organized.

Today is my first day in rehearsals for Anything Goes. Woo! A little bit stressful but when I get there this creative genius inside me comes out and takes over. Always happens and I love it.

My room mate made a fantastic dinner last night including these yumm0 meatballs and an awesome dessert called dirt! I've got to get this recipe and post it. It's a sure hit for the little ones. It's a pudding/mouse type concoction with a few ingredients and it has oreo crumbs every few layers and on top..hence the "dirt". My room mate makes it in a bucket and places a fake flower in it. Great to take to a party!

Back to the wardrobe..


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