Once upon a time.,.

there lived a girl who loved to express herself. Through scrapbooking, music, dance, and now electronically through her blog which she thinks of as her iJournal. With so many wonderful things planned this year I think the best way to document this exciting time is through blogging. School starts Monday and that means the balancing act begins. Trying to juggle theatre and education classes and all the time consuming outer components that come with them, choreographing a musical at a high school in Orlando, training for the Disney Princess half-marathon (yay), all while having a social life (which I was completely unsuccessful at Fall 09) and preparing for my future. Today my future can be defined as me becoming an influential writer/composer in the music industry. Writing musicals, doing movie scores, writing for musical artists of all styles and also doing choreography for my music. But before all that happens let's see if I can keep up with these resolutions I've made for myself..

-form a healthier new eating style
-keep in touch with my favorite friends (like Kim)
-run four miles consecutively during the Disney Princess Half
-spread the word of God
-Enjoy life everyday



  1. What other races are on your agenda for 2010? Looking forward to following your journey!!

  2. As of now the Princess half is all I'm training for. I plan on doing the Expedition Everest challenge though. It's a Disney race in June at Animal Kingdom. Running the 5k is only one of the 3 components- you also have to do a obstacle course and then a scavenger hunt in the park. It's more about having fun than running really. I did it last year though and it down poured so I'm determined to do it again and rock out!

    I also want to do the Disneyland half at some point. Maybe this year is my year. =) My cousin is a big runner and does the NY marathon every other year. We've talked about doing destination runs so maybe we'll come up with something. She's actually doing the Princess Half too so you'll meet her if u meet me. =)