End of break

I'm sitting here enjoying my last day of Christmas break. School tomorrow! I'm glad I got to enjoy a wonderful long break. So much family time, a fantastic Christmas, I couldn't have asked for better. I got to enjoy NYC and see snow for the first time! So fun! Definitely what I will remember most about this Christmas along with getting my Mac. I'm so well-rested and inspired that I know many good things are going to come out of the Spring semester.

I have a creative meeting tonight for Anything Goes, a show I'm choreographing starting tomorrow. I'm giving the cast a week of conditioning and intense training starting tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to writing some music this week with a good friend of mine who shares similar goals in the entertainment industry with me.

Krystina, the lovely girl I share my college apartment with, and I are going to start running in the mornings. I'm so pumped to get back in good shape! Hence the picture of Brit up there.

Pics from that VMA performance have always been my inspiration for working out. :-)

Time for breakfast now. Then I gotta pack and venture back to Orlando. Have a magical day!

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